About one month ago, we had an opportunity to explore three cities in Belgium, which are Brugge, Ghent and Antwerpen. We were four person and from three different countries, Germany, Netherland and Indonesia but all Indonesian student. I was so lucky enough to get a very cheap ticket to travel from Venlo (Netherland) to Brugge (Belgium) by train. Not only me the other also got cheap train ticket. We booked from the Internet and that was special price. So, as soon as possible we have to buy that ticket. And finally we got the tickets cost15.00 euro to one way from each of our city. This meeting is like an usual condition in technology era. We went from different cities in Netherland. We didn’t know each other until we met in Dordrecht, the last station in Netherland and is located in the border of Netherland and Belgium. That what i would lik eto say that being able to know what is the function of Social media would really help you in interaction. Social media is really helping me to know the other person and also used to spread some Infromation that my friends have not yet known. I do believe that  ” Knowledge is like a flowing river, giving some informations don’t make your knowledge to be reduced, but it always increases and flow through the field of sknowledge of the people who need much water of knowledge” . being able to be an amateur writer on my blog is one of my hobbies  right now.

the view during the trip to Dordrecht

At the morning on that day I had to wake up at 6.00 O’clock, because i have to be in Venlo at 9.00 O’clock. The journey took almost two hours from infront of my apartment to Venlo station. What should usually be prepared before having a trip to another city?. I brought one bottle mineral water, some chocolate and bread and of course bananas, my favorite fruit. Last night i went to, i checked all the Informations from internet, starting from which hostel we would like to sleep, which direction and what transportation will be used, etc. It is very important to check needed information before visiting unknown city.

the seat of Train of Regional Express in Germany ( Economy class), Duisburg to Moenchengladbach

One of my good habit that i found in Germany is i am starting to bring  a pocketbook (of course not science book) or a novel. In Germany, when someone travel and sitting in a trem or train they usually read a novel or pocket book. And I think, why can’t I try to bring it and do like the people do. At the beginning it makes me sleepy, but slowly it is going to be a good habit. Everyone know by reading a book you will get much information and knowledge, everyone knows by smoking you will be soon in RIP and everyone know by studying hard you will get succeed in the future, but not everyone realizes that rules.

Information about the schedule and the direction of train in Netherland

At 8.49 i arrived at Venlo station and it is located very close to Germany, just 25 minutes by train. I used a printed Ticket that i bought online, so just printing out that pdf and there is a barcode on that. In digital era, everything should be easier than before. Technology makes us more clever should be. What ever you want to do and know you will find in Google, just type out the keywords and will be appeared bunch of information. It is easier right?.

I get the train at 9.19 and walking around for finding right sitting position in order to not get boring during the journey. It has been my habit that if I travel by bus, train or plane I want to sit beside the window or I can see clearly the outside. During the journey I saw the different developed country and developing country, but I don’t want to campare it each other. If you want to know how  advance a country, check fisrt the infrastructures of them. The most important is the street condition, without good street condition, we will waste our time in transportation. Germany is a leader in logistic and procurement. Deutsche Post, DHL and Hermes are group of biggest logistic company in the world. And as long as my obesrvation and have been collecting much information from my self and internet I would say that Germany has best network transportation in Europe. Transportation reaches even very small town and I am very happy for being here 😉

Outside view of Dordrecht station in Netherland, small city in Netherland

The journey took 1 h 38 minutes from Venlo to Dordrecht. During the journey i enjoying reading a book, listening to music on my Iphone and eating bread. Transportation inter city in Europe overall are amazing. It is really clean and maintained and everybody was busy with their activity. Not much  noisy, even if you want to study in a train, yes you can.

We were in Antwerp central station

In Dordrecht station i met a friend from Netherland, he is studying embedeed system at TU Delft. So we catch the train from Amsterdam and direction to Antwerp. Inside have been waiting our friends who have just finished their summer course in Vrij Univ of Amsterdam for 2 weeks. Both of them are studying in Indonesia. We have compeleted our group and prepared to go through Belgium border. We got to know each other and introduced our selves. Meeting with some new friends is amazing to widen your wing of networking. You don’t know maybe some day you will need each other.

Antwerp central station

After sitting on the comfort seat in the train for one hour, we arrived in Antwerpen, on of the biggest harbour city in Europe. The sation of Antwerp is trully amazing. Modern and technolgy integrated with ancient of Europea  at the kingdom empire. The central sation of Antwerp has 4 levels and 16 tracks of the train. We took some photos in it and it has been my first experience in Belgium. We didn’t have much time to take more photo, because we have to catch the next train to Brugge. We had planned that we go to Brugge first before we went to explore Antwerp and Ghent.

In Central city of  Brugge

One hour sitting in the train we arrived in Brugge. Brugge is like Amsterdam and Venice. It has many canal and become one of World Heritage  Site of UNESCO. But sometimes people say that Brugge is Venice of the North. We actually have to be in Brugge at 2.00 )’clock. But we missed the train, so we were late for almost one hour. When we go to the hostel, they said our room has been taken by other people. We didn’t send any information that we are going to be late for reaching Brugge. It was so pity that we have to seek the other hostel. For me it was no problem, but we have a girl on us. Then we went back to central station of  Brugge and asked someone on the street and looked for in map where is the tourist information. The tourist information of Brugge is located about 200 meters from central station and it is in front of city centre. Air in Brugge is really fresh. There are many trees beside the street and a beutiful city park between city centre and central sation. They know how to enjoy their life and spend a sunny in summer.

Brugge shopping centre

Not take long time we found the tourist information. Then we asked for someone to find us a youth hostel.

excuse me, I would like to get some of information about the hostel near from this central?‘ my friend said.

she asked us “which hostel are you looking for?

spontanly I answered “the cheapest one”. ;-).

oke, we have the cheapest one at 12 euro per night and it will be 6 persons in a room” she expalined with gesture. “It is oke for you?“she ask again with friendly smile.

“oke, no problem. Thanks a lot Laura“. I said, and know her name from name tag she is wearing on her blue tshirt.

Probelm with accomodation is over. Then we went directly to the hostel for checking in, because time for checking in is just until 3.00 O’clock and we have to hurry up. We found that the hostel is like the price but my purpose is not to sleep in luxuriuos hotel when i am travelling not honeymoon. Hostel is like the place where you put your stuff and you will go outside to know about something and do something to get some inspiration or new idea.

Souvernirs shop in Brugge

After we were in the room, need to take a rest for a while wheter drink a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. But my problem was i am very hungry at that time and I didn’t find any Doner shop in my Iphone application. I prefer to eat Halal food than buy something is not known whether is made from pork or whatever. After walking aroud and taking some photos in city central we went to find Doner shop and ask someone on the street where is Doner shop in this central. He showed us clearly where is that. In Brugge it is hardly to find a big Doner shop like in Germany. Brugge has just Doner shop like a kiosk 12 m2 and the price was much higher than Germany. In Germany you can get one Doner for 3 euros but in Belgium it costs min 5 euro with the smaller size than Germany. That’s why i decided to go to Germany to continue my study. Germany is the cheapest country in living cost among Western Europe Country.

This story will  be continued tomorrow….

25.08.2011 Muelheim ad Ruhr – Germany

From the peace of the Valley of Ruhr river at the Library of Univ Duisburg Essen..

Bayu van Adam


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