One thing that makes me goosebumps is when I sing and listen to Indonesian Anthem – Indonesia Raya reverberates in several International Events which are won by Indonesian youth. Sometimes I wanna be one of 80.000 spectator when Indonesia national Football team fights on in Gelora Bung Karno Stadion Jakarta. That is one indication of me whether I still love and keep optimist to the future ofIndonesia. This one is also being debate for most of Indonesian people who comment on online news to Indonesia. Basically our brain is divided to two groups which are Mr.Defeat and Mr.Triumph. Mr Triumph produces positive thinking which informs why we are able to do that, why we have qualification to do something and why we have to look forward, while Mr.Defeat produces negative thinking, why we can not, why we are too weak to do that, why we don’t have hope to future. Those were two things that I have always seen and read from several media. Various comments are written in mass media of Indonesia. Positive comments and negative comments are fighting like debating without ending. I remembered a speech Mr. Anies Baswedan, Rector of Paramadina University. he said that ‘there is no enemy between us, there is only Opponent. The Opponent is to make us clever each other in adulthood, but the enemy is to negate us each other”. So, in an Opponent, there is an attitude that makes us thinking and speaking like an educated people.

Thingking for giving contribution to Indonesia, as the youths of Indonesia’s future who want to contribute to Indonesia, of course we have to make clearly the vision about the kingdom of Indonesia’s future. What should Indonesia be in the next ten years and after this bubble of Economic in US and Europe recently. In this concept, there are dreams that offered by young people of Indonesia. Of course, young people only have the dreams which they can offer. They don’t have the past like the old generation have done. The old generation may say that we have done this part, we did when you are still child. All of that can be seen from the track record of them, but the young generation don’t have it. When this republic was established by youth people, they also just offered the dreams. At that time the youth leader were dealing with the poor and illiteracy is everywhere, uneducated citizen, no infrastructures and the new unfunded country. So, what drive the people and youth leader to agree on what the youth leader said that “the independent is the gold way to achieve the succeed and the prosperous to citizen”. They had the dreams inside. At this country had independent, the youth people who graduated from University was only less than hundred. At that time Indonesia was being a poor country, illiteracy was almost 95 percent and Indonesia was Zero at that time. Thirty years later, Indonesia produced the first time middle income people. That because of the dream of youth people at Independent. We need thirty years to have that condition after having Independent.

The new generation who are ready to bring this country become leader in Asia is the youth people who have finished with their own problem. Not talking anymore about who are they but talking about where Indonesia will be in the next ten years in world map. It such a formidable task to youth people. A formidable task has been waiting for, before 2045 all of the promises and agreement of Independent have to be completely finished and paid indeed. Now, we are in 2011, in 34 years we have to pay off and make sure our promise and the agreement have done. The Independent promise is to bring Indonesia to full of freedom, and have huge contribution in global.

If there is a collective effort of youth people who have clear vision and supported by good time frame and we set the time at one century of Indonesian Independent, that is in 2045 as the finishing time to pay off the promises. And if we have done to pay off what become the promises of youth people at the Independent I am sure the citizen of Indonesia would be proud to be part of Indonesia. This has become a formidable task to us. At that time this country was established, we just had 70 million people, after 66 years this country becoming one of largest citizen on the world, 240 million people. That means the promises that we gave to 70 million people, now have to be realized to more than 240 people. This condition needs the clearly prediction to the future.

The successfully is not belonging to old people, but also to youth generation who are able to read the right tract of Indonesian future in long term. And our generation have been that range now, and just let the people and youth generation to realize what we are dreaming for.

Old and young generation have to see that Indonesia would be exist for the long term and we need seriously effort to build this nation in each phase. The old generations have done their task in 60’s. 70’s and 80’s. Now, they can not continue their task, because they have limited age, but this country has no limited age like human. Therefore the regeneration has to be continued and when the old generation see that need of the existence of Indonesia in long term.

There are several point of view that many old generation compete with youth generation, and it means the old generation are thinking that this nation is like their age, but absolutely not. Yes, Indonesia has celebrated it’s 66th Independent, but Indonesia has to be exist in global for the next 66 years or one more century and we have no choice that the regeneration is one of absolutely choice. becoming of issue right now is not exist or not exist the youth generation but, is there any possibility for being and acting as a leader and to drive this country forward.

The youth people of Indonesia right now have good intellectuals and creativity which is like the creator of this Republic founded in 1945. Many of them are having extraordinary International exposure which are able to see Indonesia in global perspective and having competence as agent of exchange of Indonesia to drive Indonesia as a leader in global. How many youth of Indonesia who are able to speak foreign language and becoming global player and not local player and speak loud.

This condition describes that the future of this republic has should be been hand over to youth generation. If this condition is going perfectly, InsyaAllah we are going to be a respected country not respecting country and we are also going to be a leader country not a follower country in global. This article inspired from Mr. Anies Baswedan, Ph.D.

Happy Independence day to Indonesia, Allah may bless you, always. We have to prepare for becoming a global player in the world. Honestly I say that we are too big to be reputed as small in world map.

An Indonesian born and youth who is a learner and trying to be a better man.

17.08.2011 Muelheim ad Ruhr – Germany

from the peace of the valley of Ruhr river

Bayu van Adam


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