Weihnachtsmarkt is an event which is held one month before the celebration of Christmas in Germany, or we can say in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore as The Night Market which  serves foods, drinks and Christmas souvenirs and commonly there is a live music such as big towns like Cologne, Duesseldorf and Hamburg, etc. Usually it is begun one week before 25th of November or on the last Monday  before 25th of November and ended on 24th of Desember.

Don’t you know how much money could be earned each night from each stand in Weichnachtsmark such as in Cologne?. The place where I worked in last winter in 2010. If we calculate in one Weihnachtsmark event, I can correctly presume that they could earn almost 4,5 millions euro for one month at that event. What a lot of money for an event like that and even they had only 110 stands out there.

Weihnachtmarkts is organized by a company which won the tender. Every five years several companies are attending to follow the tender in order to organize Weichnachtsmarkt for next five years. Who won, they will organize that event.

Weihnachtsmark is not only selling hot drinks such as chocolate, hot red wine and the other type of alcohol drinks but also selling foods like fried potato with sauce tomato, sausage and bread etc. Why do the foods and drinks should be hot?. You can imagine you are in condition  below zero degree Celsius, and you have to stand outside and speak with your colleagues, family and your friends and quite sure you need to drink some hot drink anyway. In this Weihnachtsmarkt, you will also find a lot of types of gift as you have been in Weihnachtsmarkt Cologne.

The Company which I worked in 2010 had around 25 stands from 110 build the stand. Most of those stands were used to sell drinks, sausage and other foods. Most of their employees were the student, and I can say might be around 80 % of them.

Oke, I think I have explained enough about Weichnachtsmarkt. As a child who has grown up in selling and buying situation, since I was a child, because my grandfather and grandmother were an agent of selling kerosene in my town for Padang Pariaman area and my father is a teacher who teaches an entrepreneurship in Senior High School in Pariaman. He taught me how to manage our small cafe in school where he teaches. And moreover, that I was born in Pariaman, and I am Minang ethnic who famous as produces the great entrepreneur in their qualification and skills. And I try to find out and calculate how much this Weihnachtsmark earns the money a night, a week and even a month.

Then I collected the data from my friends, myself which I wrote in the archive books, and I found a great number of the result of this Weihnachtsmarkt. This is the calculation:

From 25 of stands of that company, 17 of them used to sell the drinks and the other bread, sausage and the other food. Each of those stand could sell about 2500 cups of drink, a cup of drink worth 3 euros with 200 ml of volume.

So the amount of turnover per day is 17 stands times 2500 cups times 3 euros of each is equal 127.500 euro per day. If we want to calculate per month we can time with 32 days, and we get the result is 4,08 millions euro. And the other stand which is not selling the drinks, used to sell presents and gift, and I am quite sure that they can also produce almost half million euro but I do not had the accurate data about that. From the above calculation, we get 4,08 millions plus half million is 4,58 millions Euro that the company can get. My assumption is not including the holidays and weekend because on the holiday and weekend, the visitor can be one half from usual.


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